Electric cars are becoming more and more popular as people step away from Petrol and Diesel run cars. People love electric cars for their own reasons, but the main ones would include: No Fuss, Zero CO2 Emissions and they are Easy to Drive – All things that the Renault Zoe stands for.

Owning a Renault Zoe comes with a multitude of benefits but with the change to electric cars, there are a lot of questions on people’s minds. Our E.V Event is Saturday April 27th, where our experienced team will be on hand to answer any of your questions or queries.

Revolutionary Range

Renault’s goal is to make innovation from tomorrow, accessible to everyone today. With this in mind, the Renault Zoe is now fitted with a Z.E 40 Battery which has a tested range of 317km. However, real life doesn’t take place in a lab, so the Zoe has a real-life range of approximately 300km in Summer and 200km in Winter, allowing the Renault Zoe to get you wherever you choose to go, even more easily than before.

Easy Electric Life

Owning an electric car is hassle, right? Wrong! Renault Z.E makes the electric revolution easy. We provide you with all the basics you require to integrate your Renault Zoe into your life, leaving you with nothing to worry about. Hassle free!

Chameleon Charger™

Renault’s innovative Chameleon Charger™. Is uniquely fitted to the Zoe and makes clever charging possible. Always able to charge at the maximum power available, you save time and are able to make the most of any charging stations you come across along the way.

Truly Connected

Z.E Connected Services takes communication between smart phone and car to an entirely new level, making the idea of a connected life a reality for today. Features now available include remote charging, pre-conditioning and monitoring charge status. All from your smart phone. Handy, right?!


Who doesn’t want style in their life? With the Renault Zoe, you have no fears. Her streamlined appearance and transparent rear lights are some of the features that ensure your car fits the stylish life you lead.

Low Running Costs

So, what about how much it takes to run the Renault Zoe? Whilst a full tank of Diesel or Petrol could very easily cost anywhere around €50 or more, an average full charge will cost you less than €4, so you can start saving money from your very first journey.


The Renault Zoe is available from €24,990 with 0% Finance available AND an optional 24-hour test drive! Call Cleary Motors today on 0504-21281 or call in to our Electric Vehicle Event Saturday April 27th for more information.